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Taking part of the ICA annual conference

Lisa Dühring, Jens Seiffert and Christian Wiencierz presented key findings of their research project at the ICA annual conference in the panel "Transcending Boundaries: Agility as Challenge and Chance for Corporate Communications“.

Firstly, the renowned PR researcher Øyvind Ihlen (University of Oslo) introduced a theoretical framework "Agility as a Rhetorical Opportunity". He stressed that situational, structural and contextual obstacles have to be identified in order to develop effective, agile communication with stakeholders.

In her lecture "The Changing Role of Strategic Communication in Agile Organizations", Lisa Dühring (University of Leipzig) presented key results of her research, according to which the aim of the communication department to become more agile has direct effects on structures, processes, culture and employees of the department.

What an ideal-typical agile cooperation between communication departments of companies and communication service providers looks like, showed Christian Wiencierz (University of Münster) in his lecture "Agile Cooperation between Companies and Communication Service Providers" based on expert interviews.

Finally, Jens Seiffert-Brockmann (University of Vienna) demonstrated in his lecture "Agile Content Management" that corporate communications in the field of agile content management overcomes traditional barriers as a reaction to changed conditions in order to enable a more open and broader way of thinking and approaching corporate topics.

Kelly Page Werder, a researcher known for her research on corporate messages, praised the coherence and quality of the panel as a respondent and stressed the importance of agility not only for corporate communications, but also for strategic communication in general.

The ICA is the most important communication conference in the world and took place in Washington D.C. from May 24 to 28, 2019 this year. This year's conference topic "Communication Beyond Boundaries" aimed to understand the central role of communication and media in crossing social, political and cultural borders. In addition, research should be initiated that transcends boundaries of research areas.