Research objectives "Communication in agile organizations"

For some years organizations have been experimenting with flexible and dynamic (= agile) organizational structures and processes. Some organizations are still at the beginning whereas others have already implemented such structures and Instruments.

But what ways of internal or external coordination and cooperation are relevant for Corporate Communications in agile and flexible organizations? And how can they be managed successfully? The following aspects are to be explored within the research Project:

  • The challenges of corporate communications regarding internal and external coordination and cooperation
  • Cooperative relations between communication departments and their internal and external partners
  • Factors influencing the success or failure of cooperation
  • Approaches for optimizing cooperation
  • The changing role concepts and competencies of Corporate Communications

One trend can be seen in all organizations: Corporate Communications is moving closer to the core business and is creating real value for an organization. This development leads to more competition between the different business units in terms of resources, budgets and power. To keep up with the other departments, Corporate Communications needs to develop new competencies, build its internal reputation as well as a relationship of trust to relevant partners. These will be the most important challenges for communications managers in the next few years.