Research approach: Corporate Communications in agile organizations

In order to comprehensively research the topics of module III within the research program Value Creating Communication the Universities of Leipzig, Münster and Vienna are working closely together. The project will run from 2017 to 2020.

The research team will focus on three steps:

  • Analyzing the general structures, partners and formats of cooperation in agile organizations
  • Analyzing typical relationships between communication departments and their internal and external partners, for example how content management is organized
  • Identifying the influences on and success factors for cooperation in agile environments at the levels of management, employees, and communications departments

Empirical research

To be able to consider all aspects within the research project, the empirical research will be carried out jointly by the Universities of Leipzig, Münster and Vienna.

  • University of Leipzig: agility within organizations, agile communication departments
  • University of Münster: agile collaboration with external partners
  • University of Vienna: agile content management and newsrooms