Research approach: Bots in corporate communications

Part 1 of the research project

  • Within the first phase, we want to get an overview of the relevance of social bots within social media communication about German companies. Therefore, we will collect and evaluate data sets of social media communication about the DAX30 companies over a period of several months. Several million tweets will be collected and we will also examine Facebook and YouTube.
  • Both qualitative and quantitative methods will be used to analyze the collected data.
  • The collected data will then be evaluated, prepared and interpreted using various methods such as network, sentiment or content analyses. Manual analyses will support the quantitative evaluations in order to derive significant results.


Part 2 of the research project

  • Based on a literature review and in cooperation with selected companies, we will develop and validate an interview guideline.
  • In the main survey, the interview guideline will then be applied in interviews with representatives of 10+ companies (AGUK members and other DAX30 companies). We will acquire interview partners from different areas (e.g. companies that have already gained experience with bots themselves, provide bot technologies or external service providers).
  • On basis of the interviews, we will aggregate the findings and write a report, outlining the potential and risks of using bots within corporate communications. In addition to that, we will develop recommendations for action for companies.