Content & Channels

16. April 2024

Exploring the metaverse for internal communication

The metaverse heralds a new era for internal communication in companies, providing immersive and interconnected workspaces that facilitate seamless collaboration across physical boundaries.

12. Februar 2024

Trends 2024: #1 Information Inflation

The value of information is diminishing due to the continuous surge in the volume and accessibility of data and content.

9. Februar 2024

Trends 2024: #4 Content Integrity

Advances in synthetic media, and in particular generative AI, have increased the need to ensure the authenticity of data and material used in communication processes.

18. Dezember 2023

History communication

History communication is a real asset to set companies apart – as Felix Krebber and Matthias Krämer explain.

16. Mai 2023

Closed media channels

Why you should integrate a closed media channel into your communication strategy.

11. März 2022

Trend 2022: #2 Closed Communication

People’s retreat into the privatesphere makes it more challenging for corporations to reach their target groups. At the same time, community management using closed groups or channels can create new opportunities for corporate communications.

28. Oktober 2021

Moving stakeholder dialogues to online formats

Read about benefits and challenges of this relatively new format and about the eight success factors. 

26. Februar 2021

Trend 2021: #2 Virtual Corporate Communications

Consequences of virtualization on workflows, leadership, collaboration and more.