Added Value for Partners

The Academic Society creates value for its partners in a number of ways - in particular through an intensive exchange of knowledge and experiences between practitioners and researchers as well as through joint research projects. These generate insights into the daily work of communication professionals, and also increase public acceptance and professionalization of the field.

  • Our partners benefit from the exchange of experiences and ideas with other communication managers and researchers as well as from the benchmarking between companies.
  • In dialogue with researchers, our partners are able to influence the objectives and content of the research projects carried out by the Academic Society.
  • Our partners are involved in many research projects, for example through surveys, benchmarks or expert interviews. They are then able to incorporate scientifically-based insights into their own communication work and also learn from the experiences of other companies.
  • Partners receive timely and personalized access to research results which they are then able to communicate accordingly.
  • Partners enjoy exclusive access to an extensive literature database – the Knowledge Base. Studies on corporate communications from around the world are compiled in this database.
  • Partners make a valuable contribution to the professionalization and acceptance of communication management, which they in turn are also able to benefit from.
  • In addition, there are a number of ways to collaborate with participating universities directly, for example in student research projects, studies or as lecturers.