How to participate

The Academic Society for Corporate Management & Communication is an initiative of the Günter-Thiele Foundation for Communication and Management, and is made possible by financial contributions.

The basic funding is €10,000 per year or on an individual basis.

There are three different ways to support the Academic Society for Corporate Management & Communication:

  • By means of a tax-deductible donation of the above mentioned amount to the Guenter-Thiele Foundation within the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft, which is the initiator and legal representative of the Academic Society (exempt from VAT)

  • By publishing an advertisement in the annual report of the Academic Society in the amounting to the annual basic fee (VAT added)

  • Through a sponsorship or cooperation agreement with the Academic Society amounting to the annual basic fee (contract period ideally three years, VAT added)

To ensure a continuous engagement, we very much appreciate a three-year commitment from our sponsors. Payment in advance for all three years is possible on request.