Testimonials: Why our Corporate Partners support the Academic Society

"Science and economy with the common goal of clarifying the social relevance of corporate communications as well as its contribution to the business performance: this is new in Germany! A common understanding of the essential terms, concepts and tools of corporate communications would be helpful. In the best case, the program provides a deeper understanding of the interrelationships and impact of modern business communication."

  • Prof. Dr. Christof Ehrhart, Head of Corporate Communications, External Relations and Brand Management, Robert Bosch GmbH

"Holding a PhD in communications and being a communication manager, I'm keen to maintain a close relationship with universities. Feedback from practical experience can provide impulses for the scientific research. In turn, the research results will help us in our daily work. PR magazines frequently publish articles which turn out to be commissioned research without intellectual depth and valid data. We need in-depth analyses and forecasts with a scientific claim. This kind of research can support the development of communication areas in the long term."

  • Dr. Bernd Pütter, Senior Vice President Corporate Communications, HOCHTIEF AG

"A close relationship between business and science is also very useful in the field of communication. Our economic, social and media environments are changing rapidly. For me, the research program by the Academic Society provides an important basis for preparing corporate communications to meet the challenges of the future."

  • Maximilian Schöberl, Head of Corporate Communications & Politics, BMW Group