Communicators today are increasingly faced with ethical challenges. There is an ongoing public debate on data ethics, bots, fake news or post factum. Ethical issues and behaving ethically and with integrity are therefore gaining in importance for corporate communications. What can communication managers do to deal with these challenges and solve ethical problems? How can communication experts develop their ethical awareness and strengthen it within the organization?

In this lecture, Günter Bentele will impart basic knowledge of ethical corporate communications and public relations. He will explain the role of ethics and codes in corporate communications and introduce the self-image, role and tasks of the German Public Relations Council (DRPR) - also in relation to the German Press Council. Furthermore, he will present two cases from the DRPR and will also outline the importance of ethical communication in an international context.

Prof.  Dr. Günter Bentele | Leipzig University

Günter Bentele is an Emeritus Professor of Public Relations at the Institute of Communication and Media Studies at Leipzig University. Prior to earning his PhD and habilitation at the Free University of Berlin (Freie Universität Berlin), he studied German literature, linguistics, communication and media studies, and political science in Munich and Berlin. At the moment, he researches and publishes on the history of PR, ethics and trust. He actively participates in numerous committees, including the German Council for Public Relations that he chaired from 2012-2017. A new, comprehensive essay on PR ethics will be published in a textbook on "Ethics of Public Communication" (ed. Barabara Thomass) in late 2020.