Trust is a key concept both for modern societies and for communication management.  For organizations, the trust of their stakeholders is a valuable,
immaterial resource
: trust promotes acceptance of companies, increases support for their activities and has a positive influence on stakeholder loyalty to the company. Thus, a trust-building strategic communication can contribute significantly to the added value of enterprises and to organizations achieving their goals. 

The first part of the lecture will present central trust models and different understandings of trust from sociology, psychology, economics and communication science. Ulrike Röttger will present the similarities and differences of trust to similar constructs such as credibility, brand and reputation, and will also discuss the basic function of trust. Building on this, the second part of the lecture will examine the role of trust in the context of communication management: how can organizations build trust and credibility and how can the communication department act when trust is lost, for example as a result of crises?

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Röttger | University of Münster

Ulrike Röttger is Professor of Public Relations at the Department of Communication at the University of Münster. She studied journalism at the University of Dortmund and earned her PhD at the University of Zurich. She trained as a systemic organizational consultant at the Scientific Institute of Consulting and Communication (WIBK) in Paderborn. Ulrike Röttger has worked as an appraiser, lecturer and consultant for companies and non-profit organizations for more than 15 years. Her research focuses on trust and campaign research. She will publish a handbook about public affairs and political communication for
corporations and organizations soon (Springer Gabler).