Ready for Big Data – Opportunities, conditions and applications for corporate communications

“Ready for Big Data” presents new concepts to deal successfully with big data in Corporate Communications. Furthermore it seeks to identify potentials, opportunities and challenges regarding big data. Based on of a literature analysis, interviews with experts from practice and science and two case studies, new insights were gained, answering the following questions:

  • How to gain knowledge through big data?
  • How can a new data infrastructure look like?
  • What are suitable organizational structures?
  • Which skills are necessary?
  • What are ethical Guidelines to deal with big data?

You can find more information in the Communication Insights.

Citation: Wiencierz, C., Berger, K., Röttger, U. & Wietholt, C. (2017). Startklar für Big Data. Chancen, Voraussetzungen und Anwendungen für die Unternehmenskommunikation. (Communication Insights, Issue 4) Leipzig, Deutschland: Akademische Gesellschaft für Unternehmensführung & Kommunikation.

ISSN  2749-893X