Megatrends in corporate communications

Research Module I examines how new social conditions and megatrends are changing corporate communication.

Current state of research


  • In a first step, the most important megatrends for corporate communications were defined. More than 50 experts from business and science agreed that increasing digital networking is by far the most important megatrend for corporate communications.
  • In a second step, studies and findings relating to the digitization of corporate communications were compiled and evaluated worldwide.
  • In mid-June 2016, an interdisciplinary research workshop took place at which the effects of digital networking were intensively discussed.
  • Expert interviews are currently being conducted to investigate how big data is used in companies and what role social media play in addressing individual stakeholders.
  • The preliminary research results have been summarised in Communication Insights - Issue 2.
  • Final results are expected in 2017.

Communication Insights: Where are you going?

The most important research results from various disciplines on the digitisation of corporate communication were published in the second issue "Where is the journey heading? The digital transformation of corporate communication".Digital networking is currently regarded by most experts as the most important megatrend in this area. It is no longer just about online or social media activities, but about using the power of data responsibly.

The issue therefore asks questions such as:

  • What opportunities do big data analyses offer? How can data be collected and analysed?
  • What role do data from social media play in addressing individual stakeholders?
  • Which data protection regulations must be considered?
  • And how will computers replace work?

Two interviews with the digitization officer at Siemens and the social media analytics expert Prof. Dr. Stefan Stieglitz complete the content.