Value creation through communication

Research module II explored how Corporate Communications can contribute to a company's success and strategic alignment. In the first step key findings were collected and systematized. Based on international research findings a new overall concept was developed to explain how communications create value - the Communication Value Circle.

Communication Value Circle

The question of how Corporate Communications creates value for organizations has not yet been answered sufficiently. There are many approaches, indicators, measurement methods and concepts for evaluation, but they have led to different results. A coherent and integrative approach is missing. The Communication Value Circle has been created to change that. 

The Communication Value Circle describes value creation on two levels: corporate management and corporate communications. At the core of the framework is the corporate strategy which should be the starting point for all organizational decisions. The Communication Value Circle serves as a compass to steer and to manage Corporate Communications.

Adapting and expanding on classical distinctions in management theory (e.g. by Gälweiler), four generic corporate goals were combined to a matrix on the first level.

  • Creating tangible assets
  • Creating intangible assets
  • Ensuring room for manoeuvre
  • Ensuring opportunities for development

Derived from the corporate strategy, Corporate Communications can

  • enable operations
  • build intangibles
  • ensure flexibility
  • adjust strategy

Within these four dimensions 12 central goals were identified and are linked to a set of KPIs. These measure to which extent the objectives have been reached. The relevance of the goals can differ depending on the type of organization or its size.