Synthetic Media – Future of Content Generation?


Synthetic media describes a new form of content generation in which, for example, texts or photo compilations can be created automatically and in a personalized way. Synthetic media enables new, creative formats that would not be possible with classic media production. For example, multilingual videos of the CEO could be produced to address stakeholders even better. However, research on the productive application of synthetic media (in corporate communications) has been scarce. This project aims to close this research gap.

The study focuses on the following research questions:

  1. What types of synthetic media are there and how can they be differentiated or categorized?
  2. What are the application scenarios for synthetic media in corporate communications?
  3. What opportunities and risks do companies see in the use of synthetic media? 


  • Literature and internet research to identify types and applications of synthetic media.
  • Qualitative study with approx. 10 semi-structured interviews with communication managers and, if applicable, persons in positions that could be relevant for the use of synthetic media.
  • If necessary, prototype implementations could also be tested with selected companies.