Newsroom processes

When setting up a newsroom, adapting agile processes is key. Communication departments need to decentralize power, hand decision-making to the project groups, and set up cross-functional teams. 

  • Meetings as the focal point for coordination and strategic decisions: Topic-based strategic communication requires close collaboration and coordination. This is achieved through a tight schedule of meetings, from daily morning briefings to quarterly strategy meetings.
  • Internal networking and informal exchange are key to gaining and exchanging relevant information.
  • More responsibility for the project team: Decision making and responsibility are delegated to the project teams. Trust is key and the top management is backing off from direct interference concentrating on developing the communication strategy and enabling their staff.
  • Agile departments need the right tools to organize their processes appropriately, to make workflows transparent, and to enable exchange between the different staffers – in short, to provide operational support.


Why are digital tools important in newsrooms?

Functions of digital tools in Newsroom Light vs. Corporate Newsroom

The wordclouds show the importance of digital tools in Corporate Newsrooms and in Newsroom Light approaches. Whereas tools in both newsroom types are equally important to visualize processes and workflows, Corporate Newsrooms apply tools more often to facilitate holistic working and improve transparency.