Newsroom staff

The speed and complexity of modern corporate communications require that employees master a wider range of roles, skills, and competencies. Communications employees are increasingly expected to have general competencies instead of being experts, with an open mindset that fosters continuous learning, collaborating, and sharing knowledge.

  • Traditionally, communicators have been separated into content and channel managers. These roles continue in modern newsrooms but can be performed increasingly by one person. Most responsibilities rotate through the department, with newsroom workers taking over different tasks and responsibilities.
  • Experts consider open-mindedness, responsibility, and curiosity as top priorities for engaging with new topics and integrating all relevant stakeholders.
  • Continuous upskilling and training are indispensable to keep employees’ expertise on content production and project management up to date. This happens not only in external training but also increasingly in peer-to-peer learning schemes within the organization.


What skills do the newsroom communication staff need?