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Beiersdorf as a new partner

We warmly welcome Beiersdorf AG as a new partner company of the Academic Society. Anke Schmidt has been Head of Corporate Communications and Government Relations at the manufacturer of skin care products since fall 2020. With this, we look forward to a continued successful collaboration in her new position. more


Communications Trend Radar Report 2021

A research team from Leipzig University and University of Duisburg-Essen has conducted the first comprehensive trend study and identified the most relevant trends in management, society and technology for 2021. The results can be found in the Communications Trend Radar Report.more


Welcome Fresenius

We are very happy to welcome Matthias Link as a new corporate partner of the Academic Society from 2021. He is divisional Head of Corporate Communications at Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA.more


E.ON as new corporate partner

We warmly welcome Lars Rosumek as a new corporate partner of the Academic Society. He is Head of Communications & Political Affairs at E.ON since the beginning of 2020.more


Let’s talk about Diversity

Diversity is receiving increasingly attention in society as well as in economy. Therefore the topic is also getting more and more relevant for corporate communications research. On this subject the University of Vienna has started a new research project about diversity management and communication and its opportunities and challenges. more


New research project on trends in corporate communications

The Communication Trend Radar has been launched. From now on the University Leipzig and the University Essen-Duisburg will work together to identify and select trends from neighbouring disciplines (e.g. technology, management, media/communication) that will be relevant for corporate communications.  more