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Media Coverage

June 2020, IPRA

Topic-based strategic communication and corporate newsrooms

Digital transformation has brought about challenges and opportunities for communications. A constant and rapid flow of information, limited stakeholder attention and high stakeholder demands require quick, well-coordinated and engaging communication efforts, while simultaneously meeting the requirements for resource efficiency. To meet these challenges  some companies have established corporate newsrooms that mimic how editorial offices work to deliver communication faster and more effectively.
The article of the thought leadership collection by IPRA  gives interesting insights into the Studie and the results.

March 2018, Communication Director

Big Data-Based Strategic Communication

Big data enable strategic communicators to analyse the needs, opinions, attitudes and behaviour of their stakeholders in even more detail. From the planning to evaluation, big data analyses make corporate communication more analytic and potentially more strategic. The Communication Director article outlines communication strategies and areas that can benefit substantially from big data applications.

November 2017, Communication Director

The Boundary Spanner

The Communication Director has published an article by Ansgar Zerfaß and Sophia Volk about the Communication Manager Roles Grid.

The new tool systematises the multi-faceted tasks of today’s communication executives in four stratgic and four operational dimensions and helps to better understand the different strategic and operational roles performed. The tool can be used to reflect on individual performance. It supports leadership when used to define success profiles or set personal targets.

May 2016, Communication Director

The Communication Value Circle

In it's 2/2016 issue, the Communication Director has published the article "The Communication Value Circle" by Ansgar Zerfass und Christine Viertmann who are heading the research module „Value Creation through Communication" within the research programme Value Creating Communication.

The Communication Value Circle is a newly developed generic framework that derives 12 communicative objectives from four general business objectives. By these means, the framework ensures that communication strategy and business strategy are directly aligned.  

The Communication Value Circle provides CCOs with a tool for planning, managing and evaluating communication strategies and explaining its value to the top management. No such tool for aligning communication and corporate objectives had existed so far, whereas in other disciplines – e. g. Marketing – similar frameworks are well-established.