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The Strategists, Visionaries and Networkers of Corporate Communications

Ansgar Zerfaß, Juliane Kiesenbauer, 2014

The Strategists, Visionaries and Networkers of Corporate Communications

Communication is ubiquitous and essential in business. Those who want to compete in the global media society must demonstrate their performance, convey visions and legitimize their own actions. So far, little is known about the leaders who are responsible for managing strategic communications in the corporate world. This book fills the gap. Published in 2014 it portrays 20 Chief Communication Officers of major players in German industry. In addition, 20 communicators of the younger generation from the same companies present their points of view. As such, a multi-faceted picture of the practice and its future emerges. The interviews and analysis can be read as an insight into the professional field, a forecast of its development and a guide to success for opinion leaders in the field - or those who want to become one.

The publication was produced as part of an applied research project at the Institute of Communication and Media Studies at the University of Leipzig. The project was supported by the Academic Society for Corporate Management and Communication.

Printed copies are available at the Academic Society upon request.