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2019 // Content Management in agile Organizations

November 22, 2019, Haus der Wirtschaft Stuttgart

Many companies  currently reorganize their communication departments and processes towards a new content architecture and introduce newsroom concepts. This means that relevant topics are identified and selected  organization-wide. These are then processed by and communicated from the communications team on different communication channels to reach a broader audience.

A research project at the University of Vienna investigated different approaches to topic management and the organisational design of newsrooms in 14 large companies. The results have been presented by Sabine Einwiller and Jens Seiffert-Brockmann at the expert workshop "Topic Management in Agile Organizations" on November 23 in Stuttgart, Germany. The CCOs from Microsoft Germany and Schott shared their expirience with topic management. 

2019 // Agile communications - Insights from sciences and corporations

August 29, 2019; Leipzig University

The topic of agility is finding its way into many communications departments. The question is: Do all companies have to make their corporate communications  more agile? Certainly not.

At the second expert workshop on August 29 at the University of Leipzig, the researchers Dr. Lisa Dührung and Prof. Ansgar Zerfaß discussed the strategies and challenges of an agile transformation with more than 30 participants from the corporate world.

Dr. Lisa Dühring also presented for the first time the research results from ten leading companies whose communications departments have taken the first or even far-reaching steps towards more agility.

2018 // All agile? Corporate communications in agile organizations

November 23, 2018; OSRAM in Munich

2015 // Wertschöpfung durch Kommunikation

16. Oktober, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

30 experts from science and practice joined the first interdisciplinary workshop Creating Value Through Communication on October 16, 2015 at the Humboldt University of Berlin. The workshop was an essential element of the research program Value Creating Communication. Participants included communication executives from the Academic Society’s corporate partners, communication experts and university professors from Germany, Austria, Norway and Switzerland. They all engaged in a lively discussion and exchanged ideas. 


Three panels looked at the various ways communication can contribute to a company’s success. The discussions focused on three key stakeholder groups: customers, employees and the general public. The panellists discussed the impact of communication from different scientific angles such as marketing, journalism, human resources and reputation management.