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22. August 2023

Inclusive Language in the Workplace

Why language awareness is essential for today’s companies

26. Juli 2023

Remote Working

What new remote workers need to stay committed to their organization and what internal communication can contribute – a summary of the Research Dialogue 2023.

24. Juli 2023

Appreciation at work

As organizations are increasingly confronted with fluctuations and shortage of skilled workers,  the more important it is to value employees for their work-related efforts – a summary of the Research Dialogue 2023.

19. Juli 2023

Employee activism

Employees have become particularly active in recent years when perceiving misconducts of their company in social and environmental issues – a summary of the Research Dialogue 2023.

13. Juli 2023

Trends in employee communication

As talent scarcity is growing, companies are coming to realize the value of their employees – a summary of the Research Dialogue 2023.

4. Juli 2023

Communicating sustainability

Sustainability, reporting, and communication were one of our main topics at the Leadership Forum 2023.

30. Juni 2023

Geopolitics and Communication

The CCOs of BASF, BP, E.ON, and Swiss Re discussed geopolitical upheavals and the role of communications at the Leadership Forum 2023.

28. Juni 2023


Will the Metaverse become part of every company? Klaus Gorny and Stefan Stieglitz presented future scenarios at the Leadership Forum.

23. Juni 2023

Appreciation and employee loyality

Why is appreciation so critical to employees? Sabine Einwiller and Michael Preuss shared research findings and insights from inside Bayer at the Leadership Forum.

14. Juni 2023

Trends 2023: #5 Parallel Worlds

The quality and capabilities of technology for immersive 3D experiences in parallel worlds are constantly improving.

16. Mai 2023

Closed media channels

Why you should integrate a closed media channel into your communication strategy.

6. April 2023

Trend 2023: #4 Augmented Workflows

Artificial intelligence (AI) will inevitably pop up when thinking about the future of work. 

14. März 2023

Trend 2023: #3 Unimagination

Dealing with unimaginable situations requires new business strategies that strengthen companies‘ resilience and flexibility.

1. März 2023

Trend 2023: #2 Scarcity Management

The transition from abundance to scarcity challenges companies and their communication.

22. Februar 2023

Trend 2023: #1 State Revival

Since the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the state has become a more influential stakeholder for many enterprises under conditions of uncertainty.

18. Januar 2023

A look into the future

Futurist Sven Gábor Jánszky takes us on a journey through time to the year 2032.

19. Mai 2022

Why nudging matters for communication professionals

Using psychological insights to improve people’s decision-making in communications.

8. April 2022

Trend 2022: #5 Cybersecurity

Due to increased digitalization, remote work, unapproved software in the workplace, and deepfakes, organizations have become more vulnerable.

1. April 2022

Trend 2022: #4 Synthetic Media

Synthetic media provides opportunities for communication managers to explore new creative content and formats

21. März 2022

Trend 2022: #3 Gigification

Corporate communications can outsource various tasks as gigs to drive productivity, for example creative tasks, text layout, presentation design, software development and many more.

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