MediaMarktSaturn is a new corporate partner

Jacqueline Casini, MediaMarktSaturn
Jacqueline Casini, MediaMarktSaturn

The Academic Society is delighted to welcome MediaMarktSaturn with Jacqueline Casini as a new partner company!

Jacqueline Casini is Vice President Corporate Communications and Public Policy at MediaMarktSaturn. She is responsible for the company’s corporate communications and political activities and leads a team of 40 people.

Jacqueline graduated from Freie Universität Berlin and Quadriga University of Applied Sciences with a degree in economics and a master’s degree in communications and leadership. Previous positions include Head of Corporate Communications at the Erwin Hymer Group and Senior Director Communications, Marketing and Corporate Responsibility at Lufthansa Cargo.

MediaMarktSaturn is Europe’s leading consumer electronics retailer. In 2021/2022 the company comprised 1,024 stores in 13 countries with around 50,000 employees. 

“What I enjoy most is leading the company through a transformative period, where we’re shifting from being primarily a hardcore seller to becoming a holistic omnichannel service platform with customer experience at its core.”

Jacqueline Casini, MediaMarktSaturn

Talking business & getting personal

We asked Jacqueline about current communication trends, her role at MediaMarktSaturn and why she decided to partner with the Academic Society. We also got some insights into her personal and professional life.

What do you enjoy most about your new role at MediaMarktSaturn?

What I enjoy most is leading the company through a transformative period, where we’re shifting from being primarily a hardcore seller to becoming a holistic omnichannel service platform with customer experience at its core. This significant change involves not only reimagining how we engage with our customers across various channels but also integrating sustainability into the heart of our business model.

Which current or upcoming communication trends are you most excited about?

There are two distinct areas that particularly excite me: the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) in communication strategies and the ever-growing importance of full stakeholder engagement.

First, the role of AI in corporate communications is evolving rapidly. AI’s ability to analyse large volumes of data in real time enables more targeted and personalised communications strategies. The technology can identify trends, predict stakeholder behaviour, and tailor messaging in ways previously unimaginable. Second, the emphasis on stakeholder engagement has never been more important. In today’s interconnected world, effective engagement with a wide range of stakeholders – from customers and employees to investors and community leaders – is fundamental for MediaMarktSaturn. The trend towards more authentic, transparent and responsive communication strategies is something I wholeheartedly embrace. It’s about building trust and fostering long-term relationships that are key to navigating the complexities of the modern business environment.

Why did you decide to partner with the Academic Society?

Joining the Academic Society provides a unique platform for networking with other communication leaders and academics, fostering a valuable exchange on the latest trends and challenges in our field. This involvement not only facilitates mutual learning, but also bridges the gap between best practice and academic insights, providing access to the latest research that is directly applicable to MediaMarktSaturn’s initiatives. It also provides my team with opportunities for continuous learning and peer exchange through various events, underlining the fundamental importance of lifelong learning for me and my team.

What has had the most significant impact on your career?

The biggest influence on my career has been my curiosity. This innate desire to explore new industries, meet new people, experiment with fresh ideas, and constantly adapt to new situations has been the driving force behind my professional journey. Embracing the unknown and being willing to step out of my comfort zone has opened doors to new opportunities and enriched my personal development and understanding of the world around me.

Which place would you love to travel to?

There are still many places on my bucket list that I want to explore, so this is a tough question. However, one place that stands out and captures my imagination is Antarctica. The allure of its pristine landscapes and the unique opportunity to observe wildlife in one of the most remote corners of the world appeals to me deeply.

If you were to invite three people to dinner, who would you invite?

If I could invite three people to dinner, I would choose three strangers. I like the idea of meeting new people and hearing their different stories. It would be a great way to see different perspectives and also has an element of surprise as I cannot predict how the evening will go. 

Welcome Jacqueline and MediaMarktSaturn to the Academic Society!

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