New partnership with REWE Group

Ines Schurin, REWE Group
Ines Schurin, REWE Group

The Academic Society is excited to announce the partnership with REWE Group and welcomes Ines Schurin as a new member to the Corporate Advisory Board!

Ines Schurin has been Group Director Corporate Communications at REWE Group since July 2022. She started at REWE International AG in 2013 as Head of Public Relations and continued to work at the company as Director Corporate Communications.

Ines manages a team of 100 employees with an award-winning background in corporate publishing and digital communication.

REWE Group is one of Europe’s leading trading and tourism groups, including business segments like food trading, convenience, tourism, DIY, drugstore, and energy trading. The company operates in 21 countries and has more than 380,000 employees.

“REWE Group is a cooperative and has a very strong community and sustainability DNA. I love to balance its strategic focus with the intense and diverse strongly consumer-oriented daily business. There is something new every day and I have the daily opportunity to create and develop relations.”

Ines Schurin, REWE Group

Talking business & getting personal

We asked Ines about current communication challenges and got some insights into her personal and professional life.

What is the most significant communication challenge your company faces in 2024?

“To keep track of this dynamic and transformational multi-stakeholder environment, to be able to give orientation and answers to the most challenging questions in food retail and tourism such as ESG, among others, digital transformation, inflation, or supply chains.”

Why did you choose to partner with the Academic Society? 

“Due to our multi-stakeholder environment with a strong rooting in everyday life we are very focused on hands-on implementation. I am convinced that we are able to reach our targets a lot more effectively and efficiently when we take our time to have practical and theoretical exchanges and inspirations. I am happy to have this inspiring exchange with other communication leaders as well as with the scientific community. This is a very precious asset for my team and myself.”

What has had the most significant impact on your career?

“There is not this one single event which influenced or impacted my career. Basically, it has been my strong passion for relations, interpersonal as well as professional, communication and the interest in leadership and teamwork questions as well as management as such that have led my way through it. And happily enough, I got a lot of chances and challenges to learn and create solutions for complex communication issues. All in all, I was always driven by my curiosity how to best translate management decisions, strategic focus, a company’s or brand’s purpose and impact into understandable recipient-oriented communication and relations.”

What do you do in your spare time?

“I enjoy time with my family and our pharaoh hound Neptun, mostly hiking and climbing mountains.”

What was the most exciting encounter in your (professional) life so far?

“Most exciting was the time when I worked with one of the best-known Austrian cartoonists Manfred Deix. During this time, he also once introduced me shortly to Gottfried Helnwein – both impressive artists and personalities.”

Thank you for the Interview Ines Schurin! You can find all the partner companies on the Corporate Advisory Board here.