New partnership with Siemens

The Academic Society is delighted to welcome back Siemens with Lynette Jackson as a new sponsor!

Since October 2021, Lynette Jackson has been the Head of Global Communications at Siemens AG in Munich. She worked at companies like TRW Automotive Solihull, UK/ Detroit, USA, ABB Zürich, Switzerland or Delphi Technologies London, UK, among others. In 2018 she started at Siemens AG as Head of Communications Smart Infrastructure.

The corporate communications department of Siemens AG is responsible for all of the Siemens Group’s communication activities, which includes headquarters communications, the three industrial business units, and the regional communications teams around the globe, counting nearly 1,000 employees worldwide.

We asked Lynette Jackson about her take on current communication trends and got some insights on her personal and professional life.

“I don’t think, I’m alone in saying that the current macroeconomic uncertainty and geopolitical volatility represent communication challenges. You couple that with the unprecedented speed of innovation and change and peoples concern and lack of trust in technology. Both of these really represent a challenge and it means that we have to have real, precise, careful communication to help our stakeholders navigate the uncertainty and the change.”

What was your field of study?

“I studied French literature and politics and it has really influenced my career. In that it gave me a passion for words and for language. Having operated in an international environment for most of my career, understanding the nuance of language is something I’m passionate about. The beauty of words, that I learned from all the lovely French literature I read has shaped me and continues to be important to me today.”

If you were to write a book, what would its title be?

“Now, I am probably among many communicators who like the idea of writing a book or two. I think I would like to really dabble with some fiction, but if I were to write a book tomorrow, it would be about the power of empathetic leadership. I’d love to interview renowned leaders who lead with softness because I believe passionately that there’s nothing stronger than softness. And that style of leadership can have a huge impact on people and an organization.”

Are you more of an office person or a remote worker?

“I am so happy, about the change that happened post-COVID. This mix of being able to really concentrate in your home with your UGG boots on under the desk or come to a beautiful office and connect with colleagues from all over the world. I think that balance is powerful and I personally really enjoy it. So, I’m neither a home or an office person, I’m a remote mix.”

You travel a lot: What was the most remarkable place you have been to or experience you recently had?

“I’m fortunate enough to get to go and see where the action is for Siemens. So just in the last few weeks I’ve been to Vegas for the huge CES Tech Show where we had the opening keynote, which was a massive privilege. And then I had the beautiful chance to have almost the opposite experience of being – from the lights and sounds of Vegas – to the beautiful snow of Davos in the mountains. And talking about rebuilding trust and having the chance to network with my peers. So, it’s brilliant to be able to travel and have that outside in inspiration, which is a great start for this year. I feel inspired and energized and ready to collaborate with peers and academic.”