New partnership with Fraport

Jürgen Harrer, Salzgitter AG

The Academic Society welcomes Jürgen Harrer and Christian Engel from Fraport as new sponsors!

Jürgen Harrer has been Head of Corporate Communications at Fraport since April 2010. He studied theology and German studies and literature to become a teacher and later supplemented this with part-time studies to obtain a diploma as a corporate editor. He first worked at Fraport in the Press and Publications Department back in 2001 before joining Fraport as Deputy Press Officer in 2009 after a stopover at the Hessian Ministry of Finance. Christian Engel is responsible for the business and financial press.

Fraport AG is one of the leading international companies in the airport business and operates at 28 airports on four continents. In this context, the airport operator provides all operational and administrative services of airport and terminal operations.

We asked Jürgen Harrer what is currently on his mind:

The biggest challenges for communications at Fraport are…

…are currently manifold and range from an understanding of the fact that after Corona the world is a different place for airlines than it was before, to the communication of ambitious climate protection measures and the communication of major expansion projects during construction, to the classification of Fraport AG’s strategic realignment to become a leading international airport operator.

From a cooperation with the Academic Society we hope to…

…a cooperative and also controversial exchange on relevant practical topics with the brightest minds from research, who have the latest scientific findings in their luggage.

One (research) topic that particularly interests me at the moment is …

…the question of how generative AI can be integrated into everyday communication in a meaningful and supportive way – not as a substitute – without weakening communication ethics standards.