The 5 most important trends for corporate communications in 2022

Communications Trend Radar 2022

The Corona pandemic has accelerated or amplified changes in many sectors of society. This creates new opportunities, but also dangers for corporate communications. But which topics are really important?

A team of researchers from the University of Leipzig and the University of Duisburg-Essen conducted a comprehensive trend study and identified the most important trends in the areas of management, society and technology. For 2022, these are the following trends:

  • Language Awareness
  • Closed Communications
  • Gigification
  • Synthetic Media
  • Cybersecurity

More information on the trends can be found in the Communications Trend Radar Report 2022.

Citation: Stieglitz, S., Zerfass, A., Ziegele, D., Clausen, S., & Berger, K. (2022). Communications Trend Radar 2022. language awareness, closed communication, gigification, synthetic media & cybersecurity (Communication Insights, Issue 14). Academic Society for Management & Communication.

ISSN 2749-893X