From reality to virtuality: Successfully implementing virtual stakeholder dialogs

Communication Insights - From Reality to Virtuality

Virtualization is a key trend in communications. When the face-to-face conversation moves to the virtual space, some challenges can arise. After all, trust and personal contact are an important basis for the relationship between companies and their stakeholders.

A research team at the University of Leipzig used the following questions to investigate the extent to which stakeholder dialogs can be implemented virtually.

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of virtual stakeholder dialogues compared to face-to-face events?
  • How can virtual stakeholder dialogues be conducted successfully?

Citation: Ziegele, D., Kurtze, H., & Zerfass, A. (2021). From reality
to virtuality.
Moving stakeholder dialogues from face-to-face to online formats (Communication Insights, Issue 12).
Leipzig: Academic Society for Management & Communication. Available online at