Steering behavior – The potential of (digital) nudging for corporate communications

Communication Insights Issue 15 - Steering behavior

How can user behavior be steered in one direction without manipulating it right away? Digital nudging could provide an answer to this. But what does that mean for corporate communications?
A research team at the University of Duisburg-Essen has addressed the following issues surrounding the topic of digital nudging:

  • How do people make decisions and what role does design play in this?
  • What are the potential applications of digital nudging for corporate communications?
  • What should be considered when implementing digital nudging?

More information on the research findings can be found in the latest issue of Communication Insights.

Citation: Clausen, S., Stieglitz, S., & Wloka, M. (2022). Steering behavior. The potential of digital nudging for corporate communications. (Communication Insights, Issue 15). Leipzig: Academic Society for Management & Communication. Available online at

ISSN 2749-893X