Tackling the backlash – D&I communication as provocation

Communication Insights - Tackling the Backlash

Issues around diversity and inclusion (D&I) have been receiving increased public attention for some time – both positive and negative.

Prof. Dr. Sabine Einwiller and Daniel Wolfgruber (University of Vienna) have investigated why D&I measures are often criticized by both employees and external parties and how companies can respond to this.

  • Diversity and inclusion as triggers for criticism
  • Employee criticism of D&I measures – causes, issues, platforms
  • Recommendations from D&I managers
  • Criticism of corporate D&I communication from external stakeholders on social media platforms.

More information on the research findings can be found in Communication Insights, “Tackling the backlash.”

Citation: Wolfgruber, D., Einwiller, S., & Wloka, M. (2022). Tackling the backlash. Dealing with internal and external criticism of D&I initiatives (Communication Insights, Issue 16). Leipzig: Academic Society for Management & Communication. Available online at www.academic-society.net

ISSN 2749-893X